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Delicious Desserts C2C CAL: The C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square

[Image description] C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square laying flat on a wood grain background with 6 skeins of yarn, in a rainbow arrangement, along the left side of the square

Now, even though I’m decidedly a team pie (not my fault, it’s the way I was raised, my mom is a big pie fan) as soon as I decided on this year’s blanket theme I knew what June was gonna be. I mean, if you’ve been around here for a while, you could have guessed it’d be this… so say hello to the C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square!
I’m not joking, in January I made a list of designs I wanted to make for these cute little sweets and a rainbow cake for June just seemed right. Who doesn’t love a bright rainbow cake with some wonderful buttercream frosting in June? Ok… as a member of team pie, me. But man if I don’t love the way it looks. Wait, now I’m thinking I should have added some sprinkles to the top of this cake. No matter, it looks fab anyway.
Actually, I really do love the way this square turned out. All those colors (all those changing colors) was totally worth it. Yep, 2 ends for each color and I still call it “worth it” because I love the way this square looks. I think it’s going to make a really bright and happy part of the blanket. And for June (this year and every year) I love what a rainbow means to me. I couldn’t be happier to present this to the world. And like all my rainbow designs this month the proceeds go to The Trevor Project and Trans Lifeline.

Ooh, now I can’t wait to see all the colors everyone uses. You don’t have to use a traditional rainbow, you can absolutely get creative and use pastels, reverse it, make it chocolate stripes, you pick! It’s a fun square and that’s what I hope you take with you.

Anyway, I do hope you like this square and check it out. I really do love how it turned out and had a lot of fun designing it. See ya in May for more new patterns 🙂
I hope you like this year’s theme and join in using the hashtag #DeliciousDessertsC2CCAL and #DivineDebris so I can share your makes!

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I hope you all are healthy and happy and like this new design. Please be kind to one and other, wear your masks, wash your hands, and be safe friends!

Please note: I was provided the yarn for this pattern by Lion Brand Yarn for the purposes of making the C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square, without compensation. I wasn’t provided the yarn with the expectations of positive or negative reviews but I did enjoy using this yarn, I’ve used it many times and it’s always a great worsted acrylic yarn.

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[Image description] C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square laying flat on a wood grain background with skeins of yarn on the left side and a white woman's hand holding the bottom right corner

12 squares (one each month)
16″ x 16″
New square will be released on the last Tuesday of each month
Graphs will be free on my blog (although there will be pdfs available for purchase for the written instructions)
Use the tag #DeliciousDessertsC2CCAL or #DivineDebris so I can see the projects – I might share them on my social media

Where to buy the C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square



Intermediate – must know how to C2C and read a graph



  • 5 squares x 5 rows = 4” (blocked)


  • In keeping with industry standards, the graph for this square is free here on my blog but you can purchase the written instructions here.
  • This is a C2C pattern worked from the bottom right corner to the top left corner.
  • This pattern is a square, so you don’t have to worry about increasing on one side and decreasing on the other.
  • Each C2C block consists of 3 double crochets and a ch-3. The directions will only tell you what color (ie: Color A, Color B, etc…) and the number tells you how many blocks to make.
  • Check out the tutorial by Meghan Makes Do on how to do C2C designs if you’re unfamiliar on this technique.
  • You will need to know how to change colors in a C2C for this pattern.
  • Rows 1 – 20 you will be increasing and rows 21 – 39 you will be decreasing.
  • The even-numbered rows are worked up and the odd-numbered rows are worked down. The odd-numbered rows are the Right Side.
  • In the photos: Color A is off-white (Lion Brand Yarn Vanna’s Choice in Linen 1.7 oz/ 82.5 yds), color B is white (VC in White .76 oz/ 37 yds), color C is purple (VC in Purple .6 oz/ 29 yds), color D is blue (VC in Colonial Blue .6 oz/ 29 yds), color E is green (VC in Kelly Green .6 oz/ 29 yds), color F is yellow (stash color .6 oz/ 29 yds), color G is orange (VC in Orange .6 oz/ 29 yds), and color H is red (VC in Cranberry .6 oz/ 29 yds).
[Image description] C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square laying flat on a wood grain background

Finished product dimensions (measurements may vary by gauge and yarn used)
Approx 16″ x 16″

Graph for C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square

Key: Color A is gray, color B is white, color C is purple, color D is blue, color E is green, color F is yellow, color G is orange, color H is red.

[Image description] Graph for the C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square

Optional Finishing
Add a little pom to the top of your cake for a little cherry on top. Some sprinkles would look fantastic too.


I plan on using the join method I used on my Concentric Squares Throw to join this new CAL, you can check it out here.

Don’t forget, you can buy an ad-free pdf of the written instructions for this pattern in my Ravelry shop or in my LoveCrafts shop (coming soon).

Tada! There it is, the C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square! I hope you love it and use the hashtag #DivineDebris on Instagram and I’ll share it in my stories!

Learn to make the colorful C2C Rainbow Cake Afghan Square from a free graph (great for crochet, knitting, cross stitch) by DivineDebris