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Free Cute Penguin Coaster Crochet Pattern – Perfect for Winter

[Image description]  Two Cute Penguin Coasters lay on a  wood grain back ground with cakes of yarn to the left and a crochet hook and scissors on the right.

Holy guacamole! Do you know that it’s the 2nd to last pattern of the year? This year! 2021! Wow. Ok, sorry, I always feel so surprised when the end of the year come around. I don’t know why, I’m constantly looking at the calendar and seeing how fast time flies but apparently I’m just always shocked. Maybe it’s just that all my knowledge of what day it is revolves around pattern releases. Which reminds me, say hello to this week’s new Cute Penguin Coaster crochet pattern.
I decided to make the 2nd to last pattern of the year a coaster because 1, it’s super cute and 2, it’s a great last minute gift. Later this week I assume people will crowd around and open gifts and maybe some lucky person on your list will enjoy receiving a little 4-pack of these cute little penguins. Or maybe you’ll place a hot cup of cocoa on one, as you watch Scrooged (one of my favorites movies this time of year). However you decided to use these, I hope you make them colorful and bright. Maybe add some surface crochet for a scarf! How cute would that be? I might do that…

Anyway, I just want to say thank you so much for your support through this year. It’s been a hard one for so many people and I really appreciate those of you who stop by my blog, leave kind comments, and pick up the patterns in my Ravelry shop. It helps me to keep making more things with yarn and I do so love that. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here <3

Please wear and wash your masks and be kind to each other.

Please note: I was provided the yarn for this pattern by We Crochet for the purposes of designing the Cute Penguin Coaster crochet pattern, with compensation. I wasn’t provided the yarn with the expectations of positive or negative reviews but I always enjoy using this yarn, I’ve used it many times and it’s durable and colorful worsted weight yarn. If you purchase yarn through any of the links in this post, I will be compensated.

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If you appreciate my weekly patterns I hope you’d consider purchasing an ad-free pdf of this pattern in my Ravelry shop and Lovecrafts shop!

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Where to purchase the Cute Penguin Coaster crochet pattern

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[Image description] One finished and one in progress Cute Penguin Coaster lay on a wood grain background and a white woman's hand holds the in-progress coaster.




  • US G (4.00 mm) crochet hook
  • Worsted weight/ size #4 yarn
  • I used Brava Worsted from WeCrochet
    • 4 colors
    • Less than 1 oz/ 62 yds ea
  • Notions: scissors, measuring tape, yarn needle


  • 18 sc x 19 rows = 4” (blocked)

Terms/ Stitches used

  • Ch: Chain
  • St: Stitch
  • Sc: Single crochet
  • RS: Right side


  • As is industry standard, this pattern is just a free graph and not written instructions but you can purchase the pattern for a fee in my Ravelry shop.
  • This pattern is worked from the bottom up, row by row with a turn at the beginning of the row. 
  • The ch 1 at the beginning of the rows does not count as a stitch.
  • The even rows are the RS.
  • This whole pattern is worked in sc, so the instructions will only tell you the number and the color; ie: “A35” means sc 35 times in color A.
  • This pattern doesn’t require you to carry the yarn, just use bobbins where necessary and change colors on the last pull through of the sc.
  • For row 1 you can do a Foundation sc if you’d prefer.
  • In the photos: Brava Worsted by We Crochet – Color A is blue (Brava Worsted in Cornflower), color B is yellow (Brava in Caution), color C is black (Brava in Black), and color D is white (Brava in White).

Approx Finished Product Details (blocked)


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[Image description] A close up of the Cute Penguin Coaster crochet pattern, on a wood grain background.

Cute Penguin Coaster Crochet Pattern Graph

Key:  Color A is blue, color B is orange, color C is black, and color D is white.

[Image description] Cute Penguin Coaster graph by Divine Debris


With the RS facing you, create a slipknot on your hook (this will make your first st a standing sc) with color B (or any color you’d like) and start on the other side of Row 1 (the ch row).
Row 1: Sc into the next 17 sts, ch 1 at the corner, rotate your piece, sc into the next 24 row ends, ch 1 at the corner, rotate your piece, sc into the next 17 sts (this will be Row 24), ch 1 at the corner, rotate your piece, sc into the next 24 row ends, ch 1 at the corner, join with a slip st — 82 sc, 4 ch-1 spaces
Fasten off, weave in your ends. Block if you’d like.

You can pick up written instructions for the Cute Penguin Coaster crochet pattern in my Ravelry shop.

Tada! There they are, the Cute Penguin crochet pattern! I hope you love it and use the hashtag #DivineDebris on Instagram and I’ll share it in my stories!

Great for last minute gifts! Learn to make the fun, cute, and super simple Cute Penguin Coasters from a free crochet pattern by