Get Your P Hooks Ready!

Abby Scarf free crochet pattern by
Abby Scarf free crochet pattern by

Originally today’s free pattern was going to be the tea cup applique that shared on FB/ IG a little while ago but this last weekend I was updating a pattern I wrote a couple of years ago, the Amanda Scarf (which is on sale until August 28th for $1.99), and re-testing it. I never got around to releasing the pattern, the original pictures I took for it were terrible and I wanted to update them and just never did, so it sat in my file of forgotten patterns.

Over the last month or so I’ve been updating old patterns, making sure they’re up to the standards I now hold for patterns, and I came across the pattern and dug out the old scarf for it and decided to test it and get it out. Well, the testing had some hiccups, mostly due to the gauge being all weird, I think I crochet tighter now than I did previously. So, I sat down and made a new scarf, following my pattern with the hopes of figuring out what was going on.

This pattern calls for a P (11.50 mm) crochet hook, it hails from a time where I was really into using huge hooks, and so I had to use one for the first time in years. All of that back story leads me to the inspiration for this scarf, because I used a P hook on this as well. It makes quick work of a scarf and gives it such lovely texture. The only stitches used in this scarf are dcs and bpdcs, not counting the chain row. It’s so simple, although using a P hook with dk weight/ size #3 yarn was a bit tricky at first, it was worth it.


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Terms/ stitches used:

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  • Due to the chain row being a bit tighter, and the scarf feeling like it was getting looser as I went up, I did the last row with the US N (10.00 mm) crochet hook, this was it tightened up the last row a bit, mirroring the first. That’s your choice, though.
  • The finished dimensions are sorta just an estimate, because the scarf is very stretchy and moves, so it could be stretched to be larger than it says.

Finished Product dimensions:

  • Height: 19.5″
  • Width: 6″

Pattern Instructions:

Abby Scarf free crochet pattern by
Abby Scarf free crochet pattern by

Row 1: Ch 70, slip st into the first ch to form a ring. Do not twist this row unless you’d like a twist in the finial product.
Row 2: Ch 2 (does not count as a dc), dc into the same st as join and into the next 69 sts, slip st into the first dc to secure – 70 dcs
Rows 3 – 4: Ch 2, bpdc once around the first dc and bpdc around the next 69 sts, slip st into the first bpdc to secure – 70 bpdcs
Rows 5 – 7: Ch 2, dc once into the same st as join and into the next 69 sts, slip st into the first dc to secure – 70 dcs
Rows 8 – 9: repeat rows 3 – 4
Rows 10 – 12: repeat rows 5 – 7
Rows 13 – 14: repeat rows 3 – 4
Fasten off, weave in your ends.

As it says in the notes, I used a N (10.00 mm) crochet hook on row 14, to tighten it up.

Best part of this scarf is that it’s so simple that you really can add anything to it to make it your own. While keeping the P hook, replace the dcs with hdcs, or scs, and add a row of fans to the top and bottom (making ruffles), it’s really up to your imagination, so have fun with it!

In other news in my world, I’m still very busy working on patterns and getting things ready for the holidays, it is the busiest handmade season, after all. I’ve got my new Ariel Boot Cuffs out, released today and on sale for $2.12. I’m updating my Brittany Scarf to include a child sized option and new photos in the pattern and I’ve got many ideas for Halloween designs, it is my favorite time of year after all. You may start seeing Halloween designs as the free Tuesday patterns soon, as I cannot wait for the season to start. 🙂 Let me know if there was anything specific you’d like to see! 😀
Take care.

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