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Yarn Review: Kindred DK Yarn by WeCrochet

Photo courtesy of KnitPicks for promotional purposes only.

New yarn? Don’t mind if I do! (Please note: this post contains affiliate links)

Brand new this month (October 2020) from WeCrochet/KnitPicks is the Kindred Yarn. I was lucky enough to be send some of this yarn in advance of its release to play around with and also make a pattern, my Dana Scarf (which you can check out here). But I also wanted to post a review of this new yarn, so you can decide if you also want to try it out.

What it is

Kindred DK is a brand new line of yarn from WeCrochet/KnitPicks. It’s a size 3 weight yarn, 68% Baby Alpaca/32% Peruvian Pima Cotton, which is to say “hello softness!” and comes in at 115 yards per 50 gram ball and a price point of $7.99, which isn’t bad at all – a good mid-range price. And because the cotton and the alpaca dye at different rates, the colors have a bit of a marbled look to them.

What did I think?

Be prepared for gushing!
I loved this yarn. When I opened the package I was immediately how soft and subtle the colors were and how lovely the cotton yarn running through the skeins looked. The texture is so soft but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart, which is very important to me because I often use worsted for it’s structure so this was very pleasing.

Now even though I had like 4 other wips to work on, I had to try out this yarn as soon as the package arrived. It works up really, really well. I did have to frog a few times because the design I was playing around with was just a bit too much for the marbled look of the yarn. This yarn loves simple. It wants you to let the yarn sing with a flowy shawl, scarf, or even sweater made of a classic stitch combo. Oh and it blocks so well, creating a lovely drape – I loved it before I steam blocked it but after it just opened up the yarn & I had to twirl with it.

My conclusion? I loved this yarn and I cannot wait to make something else with it. I think it would make a perfect Spring or Fall top – it’s light and flowy in a way I love for transitional seasons.

Should you buy it?

I feel like Chidi from The Good Place when it comes to telling other people what they should do but… I don’t think you could go wrong with this yarn. It’s a great light weight/dk yarn for the price. I honestly hope they expand the yarn to more colors because I just adored how this worked up. I’ve got some ideas for a sweater for this yarn, maybe by Spring. I really liked it, personally, and think you probably would too.

I hope you find this review helpful. Let me know in the comments if you decide to pick up this yarn and what you’ll make with it! Maybe my new Dana Scarf?