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Free Fitzgerald Blanket Crochet Pattern – Make Some Stripes and Texture

[Photo description] A white woman with purple hair stands on a sidewalk facing the camera, holding the Fitzgerald Blanket up to the camera.

Hey there! I hope you’re having a great week because I hope it’s about to get better. This week I’ve got for you a brand new blanket but it’s not just any brand new blanket, it’s a c2c pattern that also brings in a puff stitch. “What?” You might be asking yourself, but it’s true. So great ready to meet this week’s new addition – the Fitzgerald Blanket crochet pattern.

Ever since I started doing C2C patterns, which was a few years go, I have enjoyed all the technique can do. It’s so fun to be able to create these bright and colorful designs that really have so much personality. But a couple months ago I asked myself “what else I can I make in C2C?” And so I decided to play around with one of my favorite things – puff stitches but in a C2C. And you know what happened? It worked! And I was overjoyed because I love how it turned out. The pop of the puff against the traditional blocks of dcs just delights me so. I think they play off each other well and create a really fun look. Don’t you?

And the best part it jut how easy it is. This type of puff is my favorite, you *yarn over, insert your hook into the st, pull up a loop,* and then you do that 4 more times until you have 11 loops on your hook (at this point your stitch looks like a hdc5tog), and then you yarn over and pull through 9 of those loops, yarn over, and pull through the final 2 loops. It’s that easy. I added an extra ch before and after the puff to give it the right spacing in the block but outside of that, if you can do a puff stitch like this in any other crochet setting, you can definitely do it here. It’s super fun and a great, great stash buster. I mean, C2C and puff stitches are yarn eaters, so you need to be ready to finish off some skeins of yarn.

Outside of the fun bobbles, I think the next thing you’ll notice about this blanket is all the colors. I designed this blanket as a stash buster (boy to I love a stash buster). When I worked at a craft store I bought myself so, so many skeins of Caron One Pound and they’re big. I mean, that’s a lot of yarn in those skeins and it’s taking me forever to get through them. So while I was standing looking at my yarn I thought “what could I make with these?” And a blanket is always a great idea – especially because I love color. The use of stash yarn helped to dictate how I did the bobbles and the stripes. Feel free to add more bobble rows or fewer to suit your stash needs. This is a fun almost blueprint of a blanket you don’t have to follow, you can kind see where the yarn takes you.

Anyway, I hope you like this pattern. It’s given me so many ideas on how to make C2C even funner. I can’t wait to see what else I can incorporate into the technique. Have a great week and thank you for checking out this pattern.
And as always, wash your hands and wear/ wash your masks and be kind to each other. We need our communities around us, ya know? <3 <3

Copyright @ Divine Debris 2022. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior written permission from the author. Sales of finished products are permitted, but the designer requests that you link back to the pattern and credit Divine Debris with the original design under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact   

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Where to purchase the Fitzgerald Blanket Crochet Pattern

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[Image description] A top down view of the unfinished Fitzgerald Blanket with 3 skeins of yarn along the top left of the blanket and a white woman's socked feet and a hand holding a cup of coffee in the bottom of the frame.


Intermediate – you need to know how to do C2C for this pattern


  • US J (6.00 mm) crochet hook
  • Size #4/ worsted/ medium weight yarn
    • 1 – 11 colors
    • I used Caron One Pound for all the yarn
    • 51 oz/ 2591 yds total
    • Specific yarn totals are in the Notes section
  • Notions: scissors, measuring tape, yarn needle


  • 5 blocks x 5 rows = 4.5” (blocked)

Terms/ Stitches used

  • St: Stitch
  • Ch: Chain
  • Inc: Increase
  • Dec: Decrease
  • T: Traditional C2C block
  • BBL: A bobble stitch worked in place of a C2C block (explained below)


  • BBL: Slip st into the ch3 space of the next block, ch 4, *yarn over, insert your hook into the specified st, pull up a loop,* repeat from * to * 4 more times, yarn over, pull through 9 loops on the hook, yarn over, pull through the last 2 loops, ch 1. When you’re working back into this, work into the ch4 as you would a ch3 in a traditional C2C block.
  • Each Traditional C2C block square consists of 3 double crochets and a ch-3. 
  • This is a C2C pattern worked from the bottom right corner to the top left corner.
  • On most of the odd rows you will use both the Bobble st and the traditional 3 dc C2C st.
  • The directions will only tell you what stitch  (BBL or T) and the number tells you how many squares to make. For example, BBL4 or T6 mean 4 BBL stitches or 6 Traditional C2C stitches.
  • You will need to know how to change colors in a C2C for this pattern.
  • From Rows 1 – 54 you will be increasing on both sides, Rows 55 – 74 you will alternate increasing and decreasing, and from Rows 75 – 127 you will decrease on both sides.
  • Yarn amounts: Color A (yellow): 1.6 oz/ 81 yds, Color B (taupe): 4.8 oz/ 244 yds, Color C (cream): 8 oz/ 406 yds, Color D (dark blue): 10.7 oz/ 543 yds, Color E (gray): 6.9 oz/ 350 yds, Color F (green): 6.3 oz/ 320 yds, Color G (dusty blue): 5 oz/ 254 yds, Color H (pink): 3.8 oz/ 193 yds, Color I (bright blue): 2.5 oz/ 127 yds, Color J (cyan): 1.2 oz/ 61 yds, and Color K (purple): .2 oz/ 10 yds.
  • Caron One Pound was used for all the yarn.
  • There is graph below if you’d prefer to make the blanket that way, it will show you the colors and where the bobble sts are being used.
  • Buy this pattern on Ravelry here.

Approx Finished Product Details for the Fitzgerald Blanket Crochet Pattern (blocked)

48″ – 49″66″ – 67″

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[Image description] A top down view of the Fitzgerald Blanket laying on a cement background.

Fitzgerald Blanket Crochet Pattern Graph

Key: Color A is yellow, color B is brown, color C is cream, color D is dark blue, color E is gray, color F is green, color G is light blue, color H is pink, color I is violet blue, color J is cyan, and color K is purple. The graph shows which sts are bobble with the use of the ○.

[Image description] Graph for the Fitzgerald Blanket

Fitzgerald Blanket Crochet Pattern Written Instructions

Increase every row until row 55.
[Inc] Row 1: A: T1
[Inc] Row 2: A: T2
[Inc] Row 3: A: T1, BBL1, T1
[Inc] Row 4: A: T4
[Inc] Row 5: A: T1, BBL3, T1
[Inc] Row 6: A: T6
[Inc] Row 7: A: T1, BBL5, T1 
[Inc] Row 8: A: T8
[Inc] Row 9: A: T1, BBL7, T1 
[Inc] Row 10: A: T10
[Inc] Row 11: A: T1, BBL9, T1
[Inc] Row 12: A: T12
[Inc] Row 13: A: T13
Drop color A, switch to color B.
[Inc] Row 14: B: T14
[Inc] Row 15: B: T15
Drop color B, switch to color A.
[Inc] Row 16: A: T16
[Inc] Row 17: A: T17
Fasten off color A, switch to color B.

[Inc] Row 18: B: T18
[Inc] Row 19: B: T1, BBL17, T1
[Inc] Row 20: B: T20
[Inc] Row 21: B: T1, BBL19, T1
[Inc] Row 22: B: T22
[Inc] Row 23: B: T1, BBL21, T1
[Inc] Row 24: B: T24
[Inc] Row 25: B: T1, BBL23, T1
[Inc] Row 26: B: T26
[Inc] Row 27: B: T1, BBL25, T1
[Inc] Row 28: B: T28
[Inc] Row 29: B: T29
Drop color B, switch to color C.
[Inc] Row 30: C: T30
[Inc] Row 31: C: T31
Drop color C, switch to color B.
[Inc] Row 32: B: T32
[Inc] Row 33: B: T33
Fasten off color B, switch to color C.
[Inc] Row 34: C: T34
[Inc] Row 35: C: T1, BBL33, T1
[Inc] Row 36: C: T36
[Inc] Row 37: C: T1, BBL35, T1
[Inc] Row 38: C: T38   
[Inc] Row 39: C: T1, BBL37, T1
[Inc] Row 40: C: T40
[Inc] Row 41: C: T1, BBL39, T1
[Inc] Row 42: C: T42
[Inc] Row 43: C: T1, BBL41, T1
[Inc] Row 44: C: T44
[Inc] Row 45: C: T45
Drop color C, switch to color D.
[Inc] Row 46: D: T46
[Inc] Row 47: D: T47
Drop color D, switch to color C.

[Inc] Row 48: C: T48
[Inc] Row 49: C: T49
Fasten off color C, switch to color D.
[Inc] Row 50: D: T50
[Inc] Row 51: D: T1, BBL49, T1
[Inc] Row 52: D: T52
[Inc] Row 53: D: T1, BBL52, T1
[Inc] Row 54: D: T54
Starting here alternate inc and dec.
[Dec] Row 55: D: T1, BBL52, T1
[Inc] Row 56: D: T54
[Dec] Row 57: D: T1, BBL52, T1
[Inc] Row 58: D: T54
[Dec] Row 59: D: T1, BBL51, T1
[Inc] Row 60: D: T54
[Dec] Row 61: D: T54
Drop color D, switch to color E.
[Inc] Row 62: E: T54
[Dec] Row 63: E: T54
Drop color E, switch to color D.
[Inc] Row 64: D: T54
[Dec] Row 65: D: T54
Fasten off color D, switch to color E.
[Inc] Row 66: E: T54
[Dec] Row 67: E: T1, BBL52, T1

[Inc] Row 68: E: T54
[Dec] Row 69: E: T1, BBL52, T1
[Inc] Row 70: E: T54
[Dec] Row 71: E: T54
Drop color E, switch to color F.
[Inc] Row 72: F: T54
[Dec] Row 73: F: T54
Drop color F, switch to color E.
[Inc] Row 74: E: T54
Decrease from here until the final row.
[Dec] Row 75: E: T53
Fasten off color E, switch to color F.
[Dec] Row 76: F: T52
[Dec] Row 77: F: T1, BBL49, T1
[Dec] Row 78: F: T50
[Dec] Row 79: F: T1, BBL47, T1
[Dec] Row 80: F: T48
[Dec] Row 81: F: T47
Drop color F, switch to color G.

[Dec] Row 82: G: T46
[Dec] Row 83: G: T45
Drop color G, switch to color F.
[Dec] Row 84: F: T44
[Dec] Row 85: F: T43
Fasten off color F, switch to color G.
[Dec] Row 86: G: T42
[Dec] Row 87: G: T1, BBL39, T1
[Dec] Row 88: G: T40
[Dec] Row 89: G: T1, BBL37, T1
[Dec] Row 90: G: T38
[Dec] Row 91: G: T37
Drop color G, switch to color H.
[Dec] Row 92: H: T36
[Dec] Row 93: H: T35
Drop color H, switch to color G.
[Dec] Row 94: G: T34
[Dec] Row 95: G: T33
Fasten off color G, switch to color H.
[Dec] Row 96: H: T32
[Dec] Row 97: H: T1, BBL29, T1
[Dec] Row 98: H: T30
[Dec] Row 99: H: T1, BBL27, T1
[Dec] Row 100: H: T28
[Dec] Row 101: H: T27
Drop color H, switch to color I.

[Dec] Row 102: I: T26
[Dec] Row 103: I: T25
Drop color I, switch to color H.
[Dec] Row 104: H: T24
[Dec] Row 105: H: T23
Fasten off color H, switch to color I.
[Dec] Row 106: I: T22
[Dec] Row 107: I: T1, BBL19, T1
[Dec] Row 108: I: T20
[Dec] Row 109: I: T1, BBL17, T1
[Dec] Row 110: I: T18
[Dec] Row 111: I: T17
Drop color I, switch to color J.
[Dec] Row 112: J: T16
[Dec] Row 113: J: T15
Drop color J, switch to color I.
[Dec] Row 114: I: T14
[Dec] Row 115: I: T13
Fasten off color I, switch to color J.
[Dec] Row 116: J: T12
[Dec] Row 117: J: T1, BBL9, T1
[Dec] Row 118: J: T10
[Dec] Row 119: J: T1: BBL7, T1
[Dec] Row 120: J: T8
[Dec] Row 121: J: T7
Drop color J, switch to color K.

[Dec] Row 122: K: T6
[Dec] Row 123: K: T5
Drop color K, switch to color J.
[Dec] Row 124: J: T4
[Dec] Row 125: J: T3
Fasten off color J, switch to color K.
[Dec] Row 126: K: T2
[Dec] Row 127: K: T1
Fasten off color K. Weave in all your ends.

[Image description] Close up from one of the corners of the Fitzgerald Blanket so you can see the texture.

Feel free to add more colors, subtract colors or even add some tassels in the corners to customize your blanket’s final look.

And don’t forget you can buy the Fitzgerald Blanket crochet pattern on Ravelry.

Tada! There it is, the Fitzgerald Blanket Crochet Pattern! I hope you love it and use the hashtag #DivineDebris on Instagram and I’ll share it in my stories!

Learn to make the fun, easy, and customizable Fitzgerald Blanket from a free crochet pattern available on


Tuesday 23rd of August 2022

Thank you for the pattern. It really is a nice look with the alternating bobbles and using stash yarn is always the best. Then you can buy more.