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Hello! I was going to post this last night (Wednesday night) but I got busy and off task, as I tend to do. Ha. It’s me. So, what do you think of the Heather headband I made this last weekend?

I was kinda in a funk, as it were, last week. I don’t really have any “active” projects going on right now. I have some more items in the Michelle collection I want to complete, but I haven’t finished the pattern or decided if I like the finished versions. That’s sort of how I do things, which I bet it pretty common. I get super excited going into a project and then it

Heather headband by Divine Debris
Heather headband by Divine Debris

wains as I go on. So, come Friday of last week, I was really without some cro-jo (crochet mojo). However, after browsing the wealth of inspiration that is Pinterest, I saw a pin for this pattern come across.

Adorable, right? However, it’s still so very hot here in NC that I didn’t want to wear something so thick and warm. Instead I decided to use the pattern that Whistle and Ivy used to create the headband, the Heidi Bears’ African flower hexagon tutorial.

Using a US 3.25mm hook (a Boye 0 steel hook) I made the headband you see here. It took me four hours, after I finally decided on a color combination. Oh, and so many ends! 6 ends for each hexagon… that’s so much weaving. A hour for the ends alone.

I changed the ch 5 beginning to a ch 4, only because I felt like fewer chains help to lay it flatter.

Heather headband by Divine Debris
Heather headband by Divine Debris

I followed the instructions as they are listed in the tutorial until the 6th row, the dark green dc row in the tutorial, and fastened off following that row.

I replaced the dcs with scs on row 6. To secure the hexagons together, following the first hexagon, I used the slip st at the corners to secure it to the previous hexagon’s ch 1 space.

I did 8 hexagons for the whole headband. To create the tie ends, I chained 50, did a row of scs along the edge of the end hexagon, chained 50 and fastened off. – do that on both ends.


Heather headband by Divine Debris
Heather headband by Divine Debris

However, I’m thinking that you could do a 9th hexagon and then sew a button on one end and make a button hole one the other by scing into first 2 sts, ching 4, skipping 5 scs, and scing into last 2 sts on the edge of a hexagon.

So, tada! I hope you like it. I’m going to make a few, with the colors I have at home, and get those up on the website. I kinda want to make a Halloween colored one. 🙂

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